How to Delete a Reddit Account

Many persons wonder if it is possible to delete Reddit accounts. The answer is no . At least not totally. Every time you use a site to publish something or shoot a Reddit end user a message, you are leaving an identifying path behind. Even though you have totally forgotten all about leaving a comment or communicating with other users, someplace in the system is a record of your activities.

At the time you deactivate a Reddit account, this means you are permanently getting rid of yourself from that specific user name and all you posted. Coping with deletions immediately requires a little more care. Once you do away with your Reddit Account, undoubtedly simply no way to return to it. Weight loss remove virtually any posts or comments by Reddit, if you do not specifically delete the bill. You also have to delete classic comments and posts ahead of deleting your existing account.

If you want to get it back, you have to recreate the task that you at first used to get the username and password deleted, but this time through, you have to do this while using your “mobile iphone app. ” Consequently the username and password are definitely not as easily accessible as they can be if you employed the “Web admin” interface on the site on its own. Dealing with deletions directly needs that you take advantage of the correct username and password. When you do that, you can enter in the “Reddit” cell app to regenerate your username and password, and then you can access the Reddit site like you performed before.